Hi there! My name is Clayton Belcher. I'm an inquisitive male human residing in Cincinnati, Ohio who relishes all manner of creative work, whether it's drawn, written, composed, programmed, modeled, hammered, recorded, edited, or spoken. I enjoy learning about languages and writing systems and history and SCIENCE, making homemade bread, playing the accordion, speaking Russian, drinking tea, and wrestling with the universe. I'm a tutor, graphic designer, voice actor, game developer, entrepreneur, imaginer, and most importantly, people-lover.

Have a look through a few samples of my work below. If you've got an awesome idea you're working on and you think my services might be useful, or if you just want to say hello, shoot me an email.

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I've worked with a variety of clients to craft messages through visual branding and marketing materials.

Design Portfolio
Video Games

I started a company to share my particular sense of creative fun through entertainment media.

Jolly Crouton Media Ltd.
Voice Acting

One of my favorite things to do is speak in character voices and accents, including those fit for narration.

Voice Acting

A good way to tell both fanciful and informational stories is to get behind cameras and editing suites.


I rather enjoy writing a spot of mood-setting music in the morning, particularly for video game projects.


My skills range from editing dissertations to squeezing golden nuggets into tweets.

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